Oceans Portal

Oceans Portal

Welcome to the Oceans Portal, a Digital Universe project to improve ocean literacy, better protect the oceans, and use ocean resources in a more sustainable way.


We call it a Portal because it is a window or an entrance point to view quality content related to our magnificent oceans with an open-platform designed for participation.

The Oceans Portal seeks to share quality science and unrivaled content in language that the public can easily comprehend.

On the Oceans Portal you will find ocean related news, the oceans encyclopedia, ocean related videos, podcasts, RSS feeds, and other ocean related resources.

There are several ways to use the Oceans Portal

Learn about the oceans through the Oceans Encyclopedia, including topics such as:

Stay current with Ocean Portal News, collecting news from around the world:

  • NOAA RSS Feeds
  • Podcasts
  • News reports from around the world.

Enjoy media resources related to the oceans:

  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Multimedia presentations

Participate in upcoming ocean events from ocean groups around the world.

Ocean resources such as:

  • RSS news feeds
  • Ocean podcasts
  • Ocean related games
  • Ocean curriculum

The Oceans Portal provides information on key ocean issues:

View this introduction to protecting the oceans.


You can also get involved with groups in the Oceans Portal community, such as Waves of Change, that is working to protect the oceans and use ocean resources in a more sustainable way.

If you are a professional in an ocean related field, there are several ways you can become involved as a contributor.

Three of the key opportunities for ocean experts are described below:

  1. Authors – contribute content auch as articles, video, news, and resources and/or expanding existing articles in areas of expertise.
  2. Topic Editors – oversee specific subject areas in the oceans arena, often as part of large group of editors on a subject. They approve, recommend for revision, or decline articles for publication, and help set overall content and governance policies. Topic Editors are also encouraged to contribute articles in their areas of expertise. Your contributions are commensurate with your time constraints and interest.
  3. Networking Contributor – Network contributors identify colleagues, partners, students, etc., in their respective networks who they have determined can make a valuable contribution to the Oceans Portal and invite them to submit their contributions. As a trusted ocean expert, we invite you to recruit your colleagues to join us.

There are also roles for non-oceans experts in many areas. We need volunteers with skills in copy-editing, design work, or image gathering.

Why allocate your scarce time to this initiative? There are many potential rewards:

  1. Your work will reach a wider and more diverse audience than with traditional print publications.
  2. Your work remains up-to-date.
  3. Your work will enhance your professional development.
  4. You will be part of a publishing model that is rapidly changing the world with timely content and expert review for quality assurance.
  5. Your professional networks will be enhanced.

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